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Our social media consulting and content creation service provides your school with professional, engaging, and consistent content, saving you valuable time and resources. The effective use of social media increases family engagement, enhances communication, and helps your school maintain a strong online presence. With tailored content for different platforms and data-driven insights, your school can effectively reach and connect with your community.

We are dedicated to showcasing the best of your school, leveraging the power of social media. Digital platforms are revolutionising the way schools engage families and the wider school community.

Belinda, your social media expert, ensures that your school has access to captivating, professionally crafted content for your social media platforms. From visually appealing posts to engaging reels and compelling written content, your school can showcase their unique identity and effectively communicate your message to the world.   From providing social media services to content creation, EdPro Connect offers innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your school.

With our analytics and reporting capabilities, valuable insights can be gained into engagement and trends. These insights empower evidence-based decision-making and facilitate continuous improvement.

EdPro Connect is your trusted partner in harnessing the power of social media and technology to elevate your school’s profile. Join us on this transformative journey as we revolutionise the way your school connects and engages your community using social media.


With more than 18 years experience in primary education, I am a teacher, leader, coach, mentor and social media specialist.

I implement structures and strategies with all key members of teams to reflect a sense of community and connection.  Respecting and nurturing the whole person is integral to my leadership and is evident in the work undertaken with colleagues on a daily basis, be it through structured coaching or mentoring sessions with colleagues through to developing whole school strategies to engage school communities using social media.

For me, relationships are key and trust is paramount as I work to build strong collaborative, professional relationships.  Through these strong relationships, I demonstrate an ability to lead and support staff teams to reflect on their commitment as professionals to their school community and enhance their capabilities to implement effective practices that drive school improvement.  Developing trust and building positive relationships is paramount in order to bring about change and effectively engage our school communities.

As a school social media specialist, I have supported schools to more than triple their reach, engage their community on a variety of social media platforms and increase enrolments.  All done whilst holding students at the centre and celebrating what makes each school unique.  

I am passionate about strengthening relationships and connecting school communities using social media and would love to support your school.


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